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Experts from Xstress Massage Spa Stress the Importance of Safe and Sound Massages

By Xstress Massage

January 24, 2020

Nothing could be more disastrous, even fatal, than a massage session gone wrong. However, more often than not, users looking up massage center near me are blissfully unaware of the same. According to our experts at Xstress Massage Spa, it is critical to adhere to the safety and security standards in the massage industry for more reasons than one, the first being qualitative efficacy.

Now, the safety features fall in different categories – physical, medical and personal security.

1. Physical Safety Features

First and foremost, it is crucial to keep tabs on the physical safety measures.

These include checking the way that leads to the massage center, approving of the building’s extant condition, reviewing the stability of railings and ensuring that the massage table is in good condition.

In the event of a client meeting an accident on the premises of the massage center, consider collecting an incidence report and maintain a record of all such untoward happenings.

2. Medical Safety Features

The concerned therapist should be trained to handle first-aid kits and administer CPR in the correct manner. More importantly, you need to ensure whether or not the first-aid kit is readily accessible.

It is the responsibility of the massage authorities to remind the client of disposing of candy or gum before lying down on the massage table. Apart from that, it is vital to take a thorough intake before starting the massage session. You also need to practice the standard safety measures which need not be incident to the massage industry.

3. Personal Safety Features

More often than not, beginners fail to grasp the precise nature of the massage session. At Xstress Massage Spa, our therapists make it a point to screen first-time clients. For instance, if you seek to enroll for a back massage in Newport News at our establishment, we first give you a detailed information form for your briefing.

At times, our experts must tackle a slew of behavioral issues from clients. In such cases, we ensure no untoward manhandling transpires, by adhering to the standard set of office policies.


Few, if any, tend to keep tabs on the core security aspects in the massage industry. However, at our company, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our cherished customers enjoy the best services in the best possible ambience. Ambience, after all, is a crucial part of a massage therapy.