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Skill, Patience and Intuition are the Key Requisites of a Successful Back Massage

By Xstress Massage

April 09, 2020

What makes for a good back massage? Different clients have different priorities. The key is to cater to individual preferences. If you are looking for a back massage in Newport News, Xstress therapists are here for you.

A Fivefold Process

At Xstress, our therapists follow a fivefold process of back massaging.

• Preparing the Client

The first step involves preparing the client for the process. The therapist explains what to expect during the massage. Any feedback from the client is noted. Next, the therapist enquires into the medical condition of the client. Then the client’s priorities are listed.

• Applying Massage Oil

Spreading the oil uniformly across the back is crucial. The technique our therapists use is known as effleurage. It uses long, gliding movements across the back to exploit the frictional forces. The technique is repeated for three to five minutes. The pressure is gradually increased from light to medium to warm up the muscles. Oil is applied to the shoulders and the neck.

• Petrissage Techniques

This technique involves using quicker, circular strokes with more pressure. It is mainly a kneading technique which requires the use of fingertips and knuckles. Our therapists ensure that the movement starts from the waist up, instead of from the shoulders. It helps our therapists to keep up their momentum without fatigue. The process lasts five minutes.

• Strokes and Muscle Lifting

If you look up body massage near me, you come across videos where a therapist is seen tapping the back of the client fairly rapidly. It is known as percussive stroking. Our therapists perform this technique to produce a compressive effect on the tissue.

Another technique our therapists use is muscle lifting. It involves applying pressure in a twisting, lifting way. The entire back is covered and the process lasts two-three minutes.

• The Fanning Technique

Xstress therapists perform a fanning technique which involves producing a ‘fanning’ motion with the thumbs. It is vital to massage the muscles on either side of the spine. Massaging directly over the spine is avoided as it can be very uncomfortable, often dangerous.


Xstress specialists pay special attention to aftercare. It is vital for prolonging the benefits of the massage. Our therapists advise clients in accordance with the massage received. We make sure that the massage treatment does not go awry for our clients before, during and after the session.