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Xstress Massage Spa Continues to Lead the Massage-Myth-Buster Chart

By Xstress Massage

November 08, 2019

There are rampant massage myths doing the rounds in the market. Notions range from fallacious to absurd. Xstress Massage Spa, one of the leading responsible therapy providers in town, continues to speak through its experts against the bogus ideas regarding massages. Being intricately related to one’s health, such myths might pose disastrous effects.

If you’re sore the Next Day, the Massage is working

One of the widely spread myths has been that if you wake up sore the day succeeding a massage, it is a positive sign. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are various reasons for soreness. According to our expert on body massage in Newport News, soreness may arise if the therapist pushes it too hard to break up the accumulated lactic acid. Or, if the client fails to consume enough drinking water, he or she might feel sore.

Pregnant Women should not Undergo Massages

Contrary to the popular notion, a proper massage session is considered beneficial for a pregnant woman. There have been voices contending that application of pressure to trigger points tends to induce labor. Nothing of that sort ever transpires.

Massages are perfectly okay for normal pregnancies. The post-massage feel could conducive to both mother and baby in more ways than one. It is relaxing, revitalizing and refreshing.

Massages Must Hurt to be Effective

Similar to the soreness argument, most clients feel that a massage that hurt is a massage that heals.

No expert massage therapist would suggest hurting a client willfully to bring about positive results. While there might be occasional instances of discomfiture, pain is not to be included. However, the myth is so rampant that if you type, body massage near me Google will throw up images of clients twitching their faces with pleasure and pain.

Drinking Water after a Session is Redundant

Most clients feel that drinking water after a massage session is redundant, unless strictly required. However, our experts maintain that drinking water after a session is mandatory.

Water flushes out the waste materials released into the blood circulation from the kneaded muscles. The impurities must be drained away, or other complications will arise.


It is understandable that the very popularity of massages has spawned such a nuisance. However, being a responsible therapy center and committed to public welfare, we leave no stone unturned to fill the innumerable chinks in the broader perception of the subject.