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Xstress Massage Spa knows what it takes to bestow the Most Professional Therapy

By Xstress Massage

November 30, 2019

Are there particular occupational tricks that should be nurtured by a professional therapist? At Xstress Massage Spa, we steer clear of ‘tricks’. Our aim is to provide scientific massages. As a venture committed to public welfare we do not employ commercially-oriented hacks merely for its sake. It is not for nothing that on typing Asian massage therapy near me, our name pops up at the top.

The following are some of the core aspects our experts leave no stone unturned to abide by.

1. An Expert should inquire into a Client’s Past Injuries

It is important for a professional therapist to get acquainted with a client’s body. In other words, the former must know whether or not the latter bears any injury whatsoever. Else, the session might be counterproductive in more ways than one. Even if a client is too abashed to open up, it is the responsibility of the therapist to bring it up tactfully, yet without breaching the other’s privacy.

2. He should be acquainted with the Client’s Lifestyle

Each individual is peculiar in his or her own way. Therefore, it is highly crucial to recognize the fact that massage sessions, however full of rules, are essentially subjective. And to evaluate one’s body contours, it is important to inquire into the client’s lifestyle trends.

At our establishment, we never shy away from asking the following questions:

• What is your day-to-day stress level?
• What are your exercise trends?
• What is your work lifestyle? Do you sit at a desk all day?
• Do you work standing all through the day?
• Does your body experience travel crises?

3. He should be Communicative and Aware

No massage session can do without open-ended communication. And the same holds true both for client and therapist. According to an expert on Thai massage in Newport News, it is up to the therapist to initiate the communication. More often than not, clients do not return after the first day. In that case, the liability lies with the concerned professional.


At Xstress Massage Spa, we leave no stone unturned to address any kind of apparent communication gap between therapist and client. At the same time, we make it a point to offer the best services at the best rates. Indeed, with us you may rest assured of the best possible massage therapy in all of Newport.