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At Xstress Massage Spa, Our Team keeps tabs on the Latest Wellness Trends

By Xstress Massage

December 10, 2019

No industry can sit still for a long time. It continues to evolve according to market and consumer demands, or is best left to die. If today you type, reflexology massage near me, you would be surprised to come across wholly different search results the next day. Such is the speed of evolution. At Xstress Massage Spa, we leave no stone unturned to keep up with the latest trends.

Current Marketplace Trends

Over the last decade, extensive media coverage has witnessed a commendable surge in demand for reflexology across the board. According to a study, until the year 1980 the subject of reflexology was confined to a few stock periodicals. In short, it was mostly academic. However, over the last year, it has been found that over forty television channels have revolved around reflexology.

Moreover, who could possibly forget Princess Diana discussing reflexology on national television?

A Change in Consumer Patterns

Increasingly, there has been a widespread shift in the way consumers spend and buy.

Sophistication is the key element of today’s consumerist trends. With more and more consumers upping the standards of information and knowledge, business outlets need to keep up accordingly. Keeping that in mind, our team has revamped its measures and begun to veer towards more educated consumers. At the same time, no modern customer seeks to view a therapist as synonymous with a reflexologist. The latter is a wholly different professional sector.

Reflexology in the Beauty Sector

In the cosmetology market, the significance of reflexology has been particularly noted. With more and more aestheticians contending that reflexology is pivotal for body maintenance, the beauty market is increasingly keen to explore the stream in more ways than one.

Apart from that, there is the commercial side to it. According to industry observers, specialists in the cosmetology market seek to pump more revenues into the stream by pandering to reflexology. Indeed, it is not for nothing that upon typing massage center near me, one comes across a sweeping range of aesthetic avenues alongside reflexology.


As mentioned at the outset, no industry can afford stasis. It is highly crucial to keep up with the swiveling customer and market demands. At the same time, no business can afford to tamper with the significance of quality. At our establishment, leastways, we come up with a harmonious blend of the two.